Long Beach DUI Attorney

Long Beach DUI Attorney

Have you been arrested for DUI in the Long Beach area? Are you looking for a Long Beach lawyer to help you win your case? Than contact us here the law office of the Long Beach DUI Attorney today.

The Long Beach DUI Attorney will quickly review your case to determine how it will be charged. Most first, second, and third DUI cases are misdemeanors, however if this is your fourth DUI or your DUI is paired with an injury, your charges could be bumped up to a felony.

Being convicted for DUI in California could mean losing your driver’s license, spending time in jail, paying expensive fines, or even spending time in state prison depending on the severity of your crime. But even as the defendant in a case, you have rights and those rights must be protected.

An experienced Long Beach DUI Attorney is the only path to getting your charges reduced or getting your case dismissed all together. Our legal tem will be able to exploit any small error in your case, especially any error made by the arresting police officer.

Our DUI Lawyer Provides Skillful Defense

Sometimes “suspicious” driving has nothing to do with alcohol. What if you were just tired or reaching for something across the passenger seat? Even with a BAC content level above the legal limit, a good lawyer can use any of these defenses to stop your DUI case in its tracks.

Even if this is your first DUI and it is just a misdemeanor, it is in your best interest to hire an attorney. If you are concerned about your ability to pay for legal representation, our office provides affordable payment options for every client.

Contact us to consult with your Long Beach DUI Attorney today.